Can I delete Free-To-Air channels before channel number 1000?


Unfortunately, you cannot…only we can manage all the channels from 1-1000 in order to maintain a consistent On-Screen TV Guide for all our viewers.

There's a newer, smarter software update for your STB
– coming soon to all OSN HD Plus & Wi-Fi boxes.

Yes, just like you can add FTA channels, you can even delete them, following the steps below,
1- Press 'Menu' on your OSN remote and select 'Settings'.
2- Select 'System Setup', enter the PIN code and press 'OK.
3- Select 'Delete FTA Channels'
4- Select the unwanted FTA Channels and press the Yellow Button to delete these selected channels, or you can delete all FTA channels after Ch.1001 by pressing on the Red Button on your remote control.