How can I create a favorites list on my box?


You can create up to 4 favorite lists, which can store 50 channels each [Total: 200 channels]. To setup your favorites list, please follow the following steps:

  1.  Go to Menu on your remote control.
  2.  Select Favorite.
  3.  Choose Favorite 1,2,3, or 4.
  4.  Select Edit Favorites. 
  5. Scroll up & down using the arrow buttons to select your favorite channel, and press OK to add it to your favorite list.
  6.  Press the blue button to apply changes.
  7.  You may choose to set Channel Surfing option as desired for each of the 4 Favorites you choose. Below are the options available: ""Yes"" surfs within the favorites list only. ""No"" surfs through the entire channel listing.


There's a newer, smarter software update for your STB
– coming soon to all OSN HD Plus & Wi-Fi boxes.

Your OSN box provides easier access to your go-to channels with the Favorite opton. In fact, you can create up to 4 'Favorite' lists based on your preference, which can store up to 50 channels, each.

To start listing your Favorites, please follow the steps below,
1- Press 'Menu' on your OSN remote, select 'TV Guide' and press 'OK'.
2- Press on the blue button on your remote control to highlight the categories, choose 'Favorites' by pressing on the right arrow twice, and then press 'OK'.
3- Press the left arrow key to choose from your 4 lists - Favorite 1,2,3, or 4, and then press 'OK'.
4- Press the green button on your OSN remote to edit your Favorites.
5- To add channels to your Favorite list, scroll up and down using the arrow buttons to select your favorite channel, and press 'OK', or press the red button on your OSN remote.
6- To organize your Favorite list, press the green button on your OSN remote and press 'OK' on the desired channel. Use your OSN remote keys as below to sort your Favorite channel list,
Red: Move to Top
Green: Move Up
Yellow: Move Down
Blue: Move to Bottom

You can also choose to broaden or narrow down your TV browsing by setting up 'Channel Surfing'. All you have to do is, press the yellow button on your OSN remote and select either 'Surf Through All Channels' or 'Surf through Favorites Only'.