How do I lock content on my Playlist?


The ‘lock’ option is used to ensure that specific titles in your Playlist don’t get deleted by other users or auto-settings. Follow these steps to ‘lock’ your Playlist or recorded items:

  1. Press the Playlist hot key button on your remote control. Alternatively, you can press the Menu button.

  2. Select Playlist and choose Recorded. A list of all your recorded programs will appear with their name, channel, date and time recorded

  3. Press the blue button on your remote control and enter the PIN code.

  4. Select Lock.

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The 'lock' option on your Playlist saves your content from being deleted unintentionally. How you can do it?
1. Press the 'Playlist' button on your OSN remote. Alternatively, you can also press the 'Menu' button.
2. Select the content you want to lock.
3. Press on the right arrow button and choose more.
4. Press on 'Lock' and enter the PIN code.

Now, your content is locked and cannot be deleted by anyone.