How do I record an entire series?


To record an entire series you can click on TV guide, go to the channel airing the series you want to record, select the title, click R, select record series, to record the entire series.

There's a newer, smarter software update for your STB
– coming soon to all OSN HD Plus & Wi-Fi boxes.

It's as simple as a few clicks. Follow the easy steps below to record all episodes of your favorite series as they air.

1. Press 'TV Guide' on your remote and select the channel, then the series, you'd like to record.
2. After selecting the series, press 'R' on your remote.
3. A pop-up message with two options will appear,
a. Record Single Episode
b. Record Series
4. Select 'Record Series'

And relax! All episodes will be waiting for you to watch whenever you want to.