Where can I find my recorded items and my Playlist?


To watch your recorded items or your Playlist:

  1. Press the Playlist hot key button on your remote control. Alternatively, you can press the Menu button, select Playlist and choose Recorded. A list of all your recorded programs will appear with their name, channel, date and time recorded.
  2. Select the content that you want to watch, press OK and then select Watch. The program will start playing.

***Note: you can pause, fast forward and rewind your program with your remote. To use the Forward Slow Motion option, press the Pause button, then press the Fast Forward button (the available speeds are 1/10, 1/4 or 1/2). The Resume Watching option is available for all viewed programs. You can also keep track of the available space on your OSN set top box.

There's a newer, smarter software update for your STB – coming soon to all OSN HD Plus & Wi-Fi boxes.

You can access your recorded titles on your Playlist anytime you like by following the steps, below:
1. Press the Playlist button on your OSN remote or alternatively press the Menu button.
2. Select 'My Recordings' and find all your recorded programs listed with their name, channel name, date and time recorded.
2. Scroll and select the title, you wish to watch and select 'Watch Now' followed by pressing 'OK'. Your recorded show or movie will start playing.

You can also pause, rewind and forward your recorded content, using your OSN remote. In fact, you can also forward in slow motion by pressing the Pause button, followed by the Fast Forward button and choose your forward speed from 1/10, 1/4 or 1/2.

If you wish to return to your title and start from where you stopped watching, then select Resume Watching.

You can also keep track of your OSN box's free disk space in this section.