How to install OSNtv for the first time?


To install the OSNtv for the first time, please follow the steps below:

1. First of all as soon as you plug in the box for the first time, you will see a few animations.

2. The first step you need to do is pair the remote control unit (RCU) with the box.

3. Next, select the language on the welcome screen. Please note that this language will be used as a default language for the box.

4. Next step is to set up the google account. Make sure you are connected to internet. Here you have two options:

  • You can set up your google account by connecting the box with your android phone.

  • You can use the remote control for the google setup.

5. Next step is scanning for the channels. Please make sure you are connected to the satellite. Here you have two options again:

  • Easy Setup will fetch you all the available channels.

  • Custom Setup would help you get the channels from the satellite you put configuration details for.

6. If you have followed all the aforementioned steps, you are all set up. Enjoy the OSNtv!