A ‘Code 4’ error keeps appearing on my screen. What does this mean?


If a "code 4" error message keeps persisting on your screen, then this error could be resolved by the following:

This error has 3 subcategories :

  • 4a-This channel is not available with your subscription.
    Please ensure that you are tuned to a channel that is part of your subscription.

  • 4c-Your OSN service has been disconnected.
    Please ensure that your subscription is active.

  • 4d-Your OSN box is unable to receive the signal.

You can try sending a signal through the Troubleshooting tab under Support on MyOSN app or website.  Make sure your box is tuned to an OSN channel whilst sending the signal.

If none of these option prevail, kindly contact your local customer care center and they'll walk you through the necessary procedure.