I am getting "Ref Code: 4" error meesage. What does it mean and how to resolve the issue?


This error has two subcategories:

4a or 4c - This channel is not available with your OSN Live TV subscription.

Please ensure that you have an active subscription and are tuned to a channel that is part of your subscription.

4d - Your OSN box is unable to receive the signal and you need to refresh the signal.

You can send a signal via the MyOSN web portal's SUPPORT tab by following the steps below. While sending the signal, please ensure that your box is tuned to an OSN channel.

1. Sign in to your account or click Register to sign up for the service.

2. Go to the SUPPORT tab.

3. Select the correct error code appearing on the screen from the dropdown menu.

4. Select the Smartcard Number from the dropdown menu.

5. Click the "Send Signal" button.

Wait for 5 minutes without changing the channel.

If this doesn't work, please contact your local customer care center and they will be happy to assist.